[welcomearea][welcomecolumn][h2 content=”About Us” align=”left” class=”themeheading”][/h2][h5 content=”Welcome to (Name of company). We offer a complete spectrum of coloring and decorating services that include color consultation, stated approximated calculation, interior and exterior services, restoration, drywall repairs and other services. We also deal in restoration, wallpaper removal, damage repair, pressure washing etc.
Our work force comprises of dedicated people who are always ready to work and specialized in organic painting products, licensed for managing the deportation of lead paint, VOC’s and other additives and insured to assure the protection of clients.” align=”left” class=”ptext”][/h5][readmore content=”READ MORE” href=”#”][/welcomecolumn][ctacolumn][lead_form][/ctacolumn][/welcomearea][servicearea][servicecontent][h2 align=”left” class=”sheading” content=”Our Services”][/h2][h5 align=”justify” content=”(Name of the company) is specialized and dedicated to offer proficient painting and décor services for residential and commercial buildings. We strictly embrace and pursue instructions and expert procedures to accomplish great results. Our team promises you to provide excellent painting job, according to your needs.” class=””][/h5][readmore content=”READ MORE” href=”#”]
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