We are determined to provide you a truly professional service and that too at an affordable cost. It is important that you are aware of the different level of services that various people are providing in Singapore. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t know a thing about decorating and painting. It is not that you just need to have paint and a brush. The level of experience and expertise that we offer to our customers promises to give way more than that. A professional painting contractor should be able to handle each and every affair that has to do with painting. We, gladly, are one such contractor who has the capability to cater for all your needs related to painting. You just don’t have to worry for anything; we will hand everything from choosing the color to preparing the surface, then, getting you the perfect finish and then, finally, cleaning off.  We majorly offer two kinds of painting services: Residential and Commercial. Both require a different approach and different aesthetic sense to provide a truly refreshing experience.

We have years of experience with painting residential buildings. Residential buildings do not have any perfectly defined patterns. It depends on various factors like the ceiling height of room or space available etc. The choice of color and type of paint are just some of the things that only a professional painting service can counsel or advise you about. The approach adopted for a particular residential facility depends on its dimensions and location. Moreover, the arrangement of furniture and other items also dictate the approach that needs to be taken. We mainly deal in following residential facilities:


Commercial painting requires knowledge of professional and muted shades and themes. Workplace painting is entirely different from painting a residential facility. It requires expertise in official and commercial décor. Workplace painting does not give you the kind of flexibility; the kind of you has with painting a house. In dealing with residential facilities, you can experiment; you can change the colors according to your mood or according to the season. With workplace, you don’t enjoy that sort of liberty and you have to go with formal and official tones. We understand the pressures that you can have with giving someone else the responsibility to take care of your workplace and that’s why, we have gathered a dedicated team of professionals who are going to truly refurbish your workplace. The commercial facilities, we normally deal in include:

So, if you are planning to get a new paint for your house or office in the near future, start with our free quote, choose your package and leave the rest to our experts. Get a totally remarkable experience and get rid of amateur and unprofessional painting guys.